How To CD Volume I
Carving A Woodspirit In
A Cedar Walking Stick
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Carving A Woodspirit In A
Cedar Walking Stick
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This volume contains a section on tools and materials, a section on facial anatomy, a gallery of woodspirits carved on other sticks and canes, and complete 30 part step by step instructions to assist you in carving a woodspirit on a cedar walking stick.

This CD Rom is formatted just like a web site, with clickable links to the various pages and step by step instructions. The pictures are clear and easy to see and print. There are easy to follow instructions for using this CD on the back side of the cover. While the CD opens in your web browser, you do not have to be connected to the internet to use it. This CD should work with any Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator browser 4.0 or later.

I would like to extend my appreciation to fellow woodcarver Lynn Diel, of Columbia, MO, for his invaluable help and advice on this project.

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